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Where the impossible is possible. Making the web great again.

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About Dave Digitals

Impossible? It doesn’t exist if we focus on possibilities, not on problems.

During my work, I pursue to show the clients the way to make their online dreams come true.
As a freelance web developer with 12+ years experience, I’ve done remote work for agencies, startups, mid- and large-sized companies.
I love challenging tasks, pixel-accuracy precision and such improvements that deliver effective and spectacular results, insist on good code quality.

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Shall it be fast and spectacular? Easy to use, transparent and flexible? Choose WordPress and add a developer who puts everything together, plus maintains it! Show your portfolio, share your stories as a blog or start your online store with WooCommerce today!
Need a WordPress plugin?
All at one place.
How good does this sound?
Mobile friendly, responsive, SEO optimized sites.

Custom Website

Custom websites for those who don't want to limit their soaring successes.
Let your imagination run free and I can make your dream website come true that puts you one step ahead and stands out from the competition. What about Single Page Applications with the latest JavaScript techniques like React or Angular? Mobile friendly, responsive, SEO optimized sites.


Do you want to sell your things online? Are you fan of e-commerce? Start your online store with WooCommerce today! Pair it up with a WordPress based website and you are good to go. Mobile friendly, responsive, SEO optimized sites.

Highlighted Projects



David is a super talented web developer. When it came to updating our website, we naturally thought of him. We were not disappointed in his work. He skill-fully helped not only in the efficient and quick solution of the problems that arose, but also contributed to the current look of our site with his fresh perspective. We can honestly recommend him to everyone!

Robert L.
client / Eurodive


Ever since we started working with David, I have been reassured because my website is in the trusted hands of an expert. He is direct, quick to respond, thorough, correct, always adheres to the forward specified deadline. He also shares his suggestions for my development needs with me, which is also why I am very grateful and he sends a detailed account at the end of the stages. I am maximally satisfied. I just regret we have not met sooner, it would have saved a lot of headaches. I heartily recommend him.

Timi B.
client / RedRouge

Show me Budapest

It was a pleasure to work with David. He is the first web developer who saw the whole picture from the beginning: he understood me, my personality, the small details I wanted to include on my website and he put everything together like a puzzle. What I also liked that he explained small steps that I could also do for myself without having to pay for a professional. His work was fast, his communication was honest and clear from the start, he always focused on the task and solving problems. I would highly recommend him and would love to work with him again. Thank you David!

Rita H.


I do not know where to start when I want to list David's strengths. One thing is definitely impressive about him: the delivery speed. If everything is prepared and the only thing left is the implementation, David will finish it before you can think of asking "how's it going?". He has seen a lot - meaning that patterns, best practices are in his fingers, but let there be any new paradigm, he will pick it up and utilize it. Give him a keyword, he will come back with his ideas of how the things can be done with that. You should ask his opinion, you can expect pros and cons to consider. I did not hesitate who to trust the team leading while I was away, he can bear with delegated tasks, communicating with product side, mentoring and guiding juniors (and likes it, btw!). I wish we could work more together!

Csaba Sz.
co-worker / Wabtec

Macskamenta Klub

In addition to outstanding professional experience and knowledge, David's important characteristic is reliability. He always strives for solutions during his tasks. During our joint work, I have found that he responds quickly and efficiently to unexpected challenges, and with his ideas and insights he always advances the implementation of projects.

Brigitta B.


I have worked with a couple of developers before, but David proved to be a real treasure for me. I always got what I asked of him. (It may be weird, but it was not always so smoothly with others.) He was fast and precise, I loved working with him. He was good at understanding the tasks - it can be a difficult thing - and in the end he made every little tweak in a blink. I sat next to him and just watched how fast he was coding. The world would be more beautiful if only David programmed in it!

Andras D.