I’m David Bodrogi

web developer


Impossible? It doesn’t exist if we focus on possibilities, not on problems.

During my work, I pursue to show the clients the way to make their online dreams come true.
As a freelance website and web application developer with 13+ years experience, I’ve done remote work for agencies, startups, mid- and large-sized companies.
I love challenging tasks, pixel-accuracy precision and such improvements that deliver effective and spectacular results, insist on good code quality.

What else you should know about me?

I started my whole career as a PHP and Front-End web developer. Since I’m a visual type person, I found my passion and interest in the Front-End world then specialized myself in this area and the JavaScript ecosystem. React and Angular are my primary libraries/frameworks along with TypeScript.
My backend language is the NodeJS with MongoDb. I prefer GraphQL as query language.
I tend to create reusable components to make the codebase more SOLID and maintainable. Unit testing is a must!

Not only have I traveled to different parts of the world, but I have also been involved in different areas of web development, so I can tailor my services to the needs of my client.

I welcome inquiries from small to big-sized companies, as well as clients to whom JavaScript, Front-End, UI, landing page, responsiveness or mobile-first approach don’t mean anything.

If you need short or long term cooperation, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


JavaScript (NodeJS, React, Angular, TypeScript)
Responsive/Mobile Design, Cross-Browser Development
WordPress (WooCommerce)
Photoshop, Illustrator